Depth Charts

Our signature feature here at CFBDepth, each of the schools depth charts has, at-a-glance, everything you need to know about any of the 144 FBS schools. Updated in real-time, these dynamic charts allow you to see depth at each position group and information about each player that makes up those “rooms.” Keep up with all of the movement and set yourself up for success in whatever you use these for. SEE ALL>

Built from our depth charts, we assign playing time projections for each position on the field. Based on the style of play, different weights are added to each of the position groups in order to best “rank” each team overall, by offense, defense and units or skill sets within each of the larger positional groups. These rankings are “dynamic” meaning that they take into account a real-time view based on all player movement, injuries and other playing time factors. SEE DASHBOARD >