CFB Depth is Born…

Well, here we are. This is our much anticipated launch of designed to inform, entertain and provide a one-stop shop for all things College Football. This idea was born from constant clicking to multiple (great) sources of information, trying to piece together the impact of certain player movements. We wanted to go to one place to see a team depth chart, but not just names in a list. We want to know everything about those players at-a-glance.

  • How good are they?
  • What year in school are they and how many years of eligibility to they retain?
  • How much experience do they have?
  • Were they a big-time recruit or a relative unknown?
  • Did they play at other schools and transfer in?
  • How much playing time are they expected?
  • Oh, and show me their meaningful stats!

All of that in one line. Then, group them together by position so we can really learn how deep a unit is. How does a major injury affect the team as a whole? Let’s get all of this in one place and allow for diehard fans, fantasy players and gambling addicts to get lost in the information and make informed decisions.

This is phase one. We have developed a database of players and team pages with all of the information needed on one page to show how real a team is and show how deep a team or individual units are on a given team. We also have rankings that are based on player level data, coupled with on-field results and playing time factors to provide a better understanding of where a team stands in each category – and overall.

From here, we will build out new features including fantasy rankings, game profiles for wagering insights and much, much more!

For now, enjoy the updates as we move through summer camp and get ready for kickoff! If you have any questions or want to get involved, please shoot us a line.

Thank you and welcome to!