Portal Tracker Explained

Welcome to the CFBDepth Portal Tracker. This is not your typical transfer portal site. We are taking all of the information (of which there is a ton) and filtering through the noise to provide a holistic view of how each team is performing the Portal and track player movement. Here is the key differentiator:

We utilize our player rating algorithm to place actual performance metrics on the talent infusions, or talent hemorrhaging.

Positional Player Display
First, we’ll start with our position-by-position view of all of the notable players who have entered, signed and/or are still being courted by new programs. These views provide a quick look at the most impactful players at each position, including their overall and skill breakdown ratings, their recruiting information, number of years of eligibility remaining and most recent years’ statistics. You can also see other past schools if these players are multiple-portal users.

Notable Players
What do we mean by “notable” players. Well, here is a list of those we are including in our version of the Portal Tracker:

  • Any player transferring out of an FBS school
  • Any FCS player determined to be a prospect likely to join an FBS-level program – or – has a known offer from at least one FBS school
  • Any D2 or D3 player meeting the same criteria as above
  • Any rumored player to be entering the Portal; but has not yet “officially” entered
  • Anybody else we please

Team-By-Team Rankings
This section is our attempt to “summarize” the talent level change experienced through the Portal alone during the process. We will break down by overall, offense, defense and by position grouping. This is done using our player ratings and a “replacement level” multiplier. This is done to paint a more complete picture of how well (or poorly) a certain program is faring in the Portal. Replacement-level and below players (by our calculations) will not impact the bottom line as much as those who are more likely to crack the starting lineup. During the off-season; we will include this metric with graduating/NFL Draft players leaving and incoming impact freshman to get a better look at how the roster has been impacted in the off-season.

More features to come! Enjoy!