Portal Updates: June 25

The transfer portal news has slowed down and we are seeing many players downgrading their level to FCS or Division 2 in order to get on the field and show what they can do. This update includes some depth moves and roster fillers from the past few days leading up to June 25:
Note: Click on the school name to view their full organizational depth chart. Player ratings are based on a 20-point scale.

New Mexico State: K Abraham Montano (13.1) < Fresno State

Vanderbilt: RB Jamoni Jones (12.4) < New Mexico State

Auburn: CB Jahquez Robinson (11.6) < Colorado / Alabama

Jacksonville State: WR Tar’Varish Dawson (10.7) < Colorado / Auburn

UCLA: QB Nick Billoups (9.5) < BYU / Utah

San Jose State: WR Sawyer Deerman (8.5) < Alabama

Texas State: RB Jaydon Bailey (8.4) < Utah State

Colorado: QB Dominiq Ponder (7.8) < Bethune-Cookman (FCS)

San Jose State: Macloud Crowton (7.7) < JUCO / Idaho

North Carolina: RB Charleston French (7.4) < JUCO

Utah State: K Tanner Cragun (6.7) < Utah

Boise State: RB Cooper Jones (6.0) < Utah State / JUCO

Toledo: RB Lucas Laroche (5.6) < Ole Miss / JUCO

Charlotte: K Stephen Rusnak (5.3) < Michigan State