Portal Updates: May 28

Here is a quick look at some of the Portal updates to depth charts based on the last few days of movement:

Ole Miss: DL Chris Hardie (14.2) < Jacksonville State

James Madison: RB Jobi Malary (13.9) < Portland State

San Diego State: P Eemil Herranen (12.5) < Northern Arizona

Illinois: TE Carson Goda (9.7) < Saint Anselm (D2)

Tennessee: WR Tommy Winton III (9.6) < East Tennessee St.

Kansas: WR Bryce Cohoon (8.6) < Syracuse

Rice: WR Thai Chiaokhiao-Bowman (8.1) < Florida

Jacksonville State safety Ky’won McCray (12.3) announced his withdrawal from the Portal and will return to the Gamecocks secondary for 2024.